Innovation That Matters…to the world…. one of the three IBM Values is what this IBM article is all about. We have an even more detailed article on our intranet today, for IBM’ers that can access it. And this is one of many incredible stories that demonstrate where IBM really “gets it” in my opinion. This is what makes me passionate about IBM’s future.

We can make SUCH a difference in the world – and we do – when we look at innovation that matters from a societal perspective. There is no shortage of pain in the world, as we all know. And I believe there is no shortage of compassion. IBM’ers care. Our clients care. We all care – when we let ourselves. Here’s the thing that we’re starting to “get”… we can actually do something about this pain, and this opportunity, in each industry, and in any country around the world – if we decide to do it. We find the partners (our clients, allies in the industry, allies in governments, great thinkers, leaders). We create a vision, and we enroll these partners in a “bigger game” that matters to the world. Social innovation, not just technology innovation….

For example, IBM is fighting AIDS, and mapping the Human Proteome in order to fight other diseases on the World Community Grid. Just think about this for a minute… IBM is helping to fight diseases with spare cycles on my laptop – and maybe yours too, if you get inspired!! Here are some more details from IBM’s website:

“IBM Chairman and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano announced World Community Grid on November 16, 2004, as an example of how a new technology — in this case, grid computing — can be applied in an innovative way to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live. In the first month of the initiative, more than 40,000 individuals joined as members, and by March 2005, more than 91,000 devices were part of World Community Grid. The computer cycle time they have donated now exceeds the processing power of a single computer running continuously for a six millennia.

World Community Grid is addressing global humanitarian issues, such as:

New and existing infectious disease research: researching cures for HIV and AIDS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), malaria and others.

Genomic and disease research: The Human Proteome Folding project — World Community Grid’s first project — seeks to help identify the functions of the proteins that are coded by human genes.

Natural disasters and hunger: World Community Grid applications can help researchers and scientists with earthquake predictions, improving crop yields, and evaluating the supply of critical natural resources like water.

IBM encourages every individual, as well as corporations, universities and associations, to join as partners. World Community Grid also is looking for potential research projects that would benefit from grid technology. For more information and to download the simple, free software needed to help in these important research initiatives, follow the link below:”

And this only highlights a couple areas where IBM is walking the talk, and truly living our values. And I absolutely know we can do a better job of this. And so can all of us – can’t we? We can ALL do a better job of living our values. And boy, when we do get in touch with what’s deeply important, we can absolutely evolve the world – intentionally – into a much better place. And we are, just not quite fast enough for me 🙂

By the way, I work for IBM, as my profile notes. The opinions expressed in this blog are mine, personally, not necessarily those of IBM. I’m not sure if I have to post this every time I talk about IBM, but just in case… There it is.

By the way, IBM encourages us (IBM’ers) to blog inside and outside of IBM. For IBM’ers only – here’s a link on how to get started with blogging – if you’re so inclined! IBM also encourage our clients to understand blogging, and learn how to leverage them.

Thanks for checking in… and yes, I really do think this way. I think we can make this world a better place. And I work at it every day, as much as I can, and in big and small ways. And everyday, I learn a little, and love a little…. or a lot, on really good days!