GE is beginning to play a “bigger game”. CEO Jeff Immelt appears to be going green is a very big way.

Google “GE clean green machine”, and you’ll see more about this topic.

It’s great to see GE making this big bet. Some argue that this is simply driven by economics. If so, I say that’s great news. Let’s prove that it is not only economically feasible, but actually advantageous to “do the right thing”. And if it’s driven by values, “virtue”, being a “good” company in the same way we want to be “good” neighbors, I say “Yay to being good, and doing the right thing”.

I see a shift coming, and big companies have the opportunity to lead now, or follow suit later. I believe the leaders – those that “stick out their necks” and make strategic risks for the sake of “Innovation that Matters… to the World” as my employer IBM states in our values statement – these leaders will set the pace, the tone, and reap incredible good will at the same time.