The Greener Guys

Timberland, IBM, Dupont, 3M, Advanced Micro Devices, the Gap, Wal-Mart, and Johnson & Johnson are all mentioned as “greener guys” in this article on global warming, and reducing carbon emissions. Unfortunately, the article also states that “only 86 companies in the United States, accounting for 8 percent of domestic carbon emissions, have enrolled in Climate Leaders, the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary program to cut emissions. Emissions in the United States have risen 16 percent since 1990, the agency said.”

From IBM’s website regarding the topic of climate change–“IBM believes the most constructive approach it can take to address the complex issue of climate change is to apply its technical and engineering expertise to reduce emissions associated with its own operations, and to create products that are increasingly energy efficient.”

IBM joined the U.S. EPA ‘s Climate Leader program in 2002, and has achieved an average CO2 emisions reduction of 6.11 percent from 2000 thru 2003, and a 55.3 percent reduction in the emissions of 6 greenhouse gases.

Further on, the article continues… “Experts say that large reductions in global emissions — 50 percent or more by 2050 — are needed to stop carbon concentrations from rising. But reaching that goal requires a major transformation of how economies and businesses operate. “It’s going to change everything we do,” said Joseph J. Romm, an analyst at the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions, a group that helps businesses lower emissions.”

This sounds like a clear call to action–“a major transformation of how economies and businesses operate”… and a call for Innovation that Matters to me, and to everyone on this planet. To my colleagues at IBM, I say, this is an opportunity–in alignment with our coorporate values, and I would hope, with our individual personal values, provided you believe the peer-reviewed scientific conclusions presented most comprehensively by Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth“.

What is your company’s record on climate control, and protecting the environment? How can you have an impact? If not you, then who? And when?