Life Calling
My life is a journey, destination unknown.
My path is revealed only as far as I can see,
Yet more often than not, I choose its direction.

I navigate my path thoughtfully,
with deliberate choices grounded in values and guided by intuition.
Even when faced with unexpected circumstances,
I choose my path, by choosing my reaction.

I choose to live in love, optimism, faith, beauty, warmth.
I choose spontaneity, nature, deep conversations, dreams.
I choose passion, risk, change, color.
I choose light, music, texture, spice.
I laugh, I cry, I experience, I give.
I nurture myself to be strong.

Sometimes my path is clear and my journey is effortless.
I savor these times, gathering strength,
languishing in bounty.

On rare occasions, my path seems blocked,
weather clouds my vision and dampens my spirit.
I trudge on in faith,
overcoming obstacles, trusting the sky to clear.
Sometimes I seek temporary shelter
and wait out the storm.

I believe God nurtures me in ways I cannot fully understand.
His grace is at work within me, and He walks with me.

I am a beam of light and many choose to walk with me,
warmed by my love, nurtured by my strength,
trusting my integrity, enrolled by my spirit,
stretched by my pace, comforted by my touch.
I am blessed by their presence.
I am supported, I am loved.
I am thankful.

On certain segments of my journey, I have chosen to follow others,
nurtured by their spirit and love,
Guided by their wisdom.
I am thankful.

I walk with increasing purpose,
as I reflect on whom I have become,
and how my journey has enriched me.
My need to help others choose their paths
becomes ever stronger,
like a calling.

I see possibilities ahead that are exciting.
Mountains to climb that are more challenging
than any behind me.

I will choose the climb that calls me,
perhaps joining with others
so we can forge a new path,
that becomes a lighted way for others
drawn to higher ground.

Melissa O’Mara
Written February 18th, 2003
CTI Fulfillment Class
Dallas, Texas

Copyright 2003