And green team building, solutions portfolio building, friendship building, network building, skill building, humility building, frequent flier mileage building, experience building, passport stamp building… A year of intense growth, excitement, and yes – hard work, pressure, overtime (can it even be called that anymore?).

When I was a late teen or maybe early twenty-something I wrote a motto on an index card and I am still amazed that it still aligns so well with how I approach life and work today… (See picture – it is tacked up next to my home office desk, with other special items including my kids’ artwork, the “golden rule” as stated in 8 world religions, and a wonderful b’day card from my oldest daughter Kelsey who is off to college on September 4th.)

to put forth my best effort in all that I do and to accept my accomplishments with the knowledge that I have done my best. This includes the efforts to work hard, to play hard, and to rest assured, that I have put equal efforts into all these things which give life its real substance. If you are never tired, you have not lived life to its fullest, for fatigue allows maximum appreciation of sleep.

So why this reflection on my one year anniversary with Schneider Electric as VP of Green Buildings Solutions? It fits the pace, the intent, the approach – to do my personal best.  What’s missing here – what was missing from my resolution at 20-something is not really surprising… And for me, it’s actually the most important part today.  It’s the “why bother”?  It’s the “for the sake of what”? At 20 it was all about achievement and balance for me. Whatever you do, give it your very best… Today, it’s much more about choosing what it is that I will commit to – in alignment with my sense of purpose, my values and my aspirations to have a lasting impact on this wonderful planet, for my family and humanity as a connected whole.  For this – I will work hard, play hard, and rest assured that I have done my best.

So, the purpose?  It’s about significantly reducing energy use and CO2 emissions globally through corporate initiative.  I’m aligned with Schneider Electric’s CEO – Jean Pascale Tricoire, who believes we must help save energy to share it with the masses that don’t have access to energy today for the most basic things – like clean water. I believe that we must change the way we interact with our world in order to sustain it for future generations – AND that this will require a huge amount of innovation which will ultimately (hopefully) help (most) businesses pave a more balanced forward path.

So, it’s been a fantastic year of growth, learning, commitment and investment in a more sustainable future.

Why do you bother? What’s motivates you to do what you do? And is it still enough?