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Why Bother? Reflections on one year of Green Building

Why Bother? Reflections on one year of Green Building

At 20 it was all about achievement and balance for me. Whatever you do, give it your very best… Today, it’s much more about choosing what it is that I will commit to – in alignment with my sense of purpose, my values and my aspirations to have a lasting impact on this wonderful planet, for my family and humanity as a connected whole.  For this – I will work hard, play hard, and rest assured that I have done my best.

Life Calling

Life Calling

Life Calling My life is a journey, destination unknown.My path is revealed only as far as I can see,Yet more often than not, I choose its direction.I navigate my path thoughtfully,with deliberate...

BHAGs and Bigger Games – For the Sake of What?

Change and innovation requires human energy. It requires that we move beyond our automatic pilot, our comfort zones, and sometimes it requires us to consider entirely new ways of being or seeing! Change and innovation require work of all kinds. The work of attention. The work of planning, questioning, investing, building, and perhaps most importantly – the work of recovering and restarting after inevitable setbacks and failures that happen along the way!

So given that, why bother? Why do any of us take the time to set big hairy audacious goals? For the sake of what I say?

Fast 50 “Bigger Game” Companies!

Fast 50 Straight from Fast Company Magazine:"THIS YEAR'S FOCUS: Our sixth annual global readers challenge will spotlight businesses that are helping to save the world. We're looking for...

The Time Is Now!

The Time Is Now! The 50+ generation will leave a legacy by igniting a revolution to reinvent America according to Bill Novelli, current Chief Executive at AARP.I love this Bigger Game, and the...